Specialties CMS Hawaii is one of the top Hawaii shipping companies on the market. We offer competitive and affordable prices due to our large volume of shipping containers and extensive knowledge in Hawaii shipping. All of our CMS Hawaii staff is highly trained and well informed on the process of moving to Hawaii; which means we are more than capable in helping you with any questions or concerns regarding your move. CMS Hawaii has branches on both the islands of Hawaii and the US mainland. This allows our professional staff to keep track of your shipment from start to finish, ensuring a positive shipping experience. We offer impeccable moving services for all load sizes, and handle every move with great professional care. History Established in 2010 CMS Hawaii was created in order to provide options for those in need of affordable Hawaii moving services. With extensive resources we were able to make the jump and extend out already impeccable services to customers moving in and out of the Hawaiian Islands. CMS Hawaii has allowed for healthy industry competition that has benefited our consumers through providing great services at affordable prices. CMS Hawaii was created for the customer, and we strive to make every move a success. Meet the Manager:
Noel G. Our manager behind the successful CMS Hawaii team is Noel Zometa. Through hard work and great people skills Noel has been able to put CMS Hawaii on the map. Noel has made sure that all CMS Representatives are up to par with their familiarity on Hawaii moving; which has made for excellent customer service. Solving problems and booking happy customers time after time is Noel’s specialty; and clients are always pleased with his service. Noel is the backbone and motivator behind CMS Hawaii.

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