Specialties Our Restaurant is now open! Come in and get your fill of our famous Rotisserie Chicken, Lemongrass Pork Ribs (cooked over the same kiave-charcoal fire), healthy salads, and housemade Kim Chee and Spicy Takuan! We also have new and easier ways of fundraising for your group/school/sports teams, that require less help, but still raise ample funds! Come on in and see whats new at KOALA MOA! History Established in 1989 We are a locally owned, family run business. Since 1989, KOALA MOA, has helped hundreds of organizations raise millions of dollars to fund their projects and help their communities. The outstanding taste and freshness of KOALA MOA rotisserie style chicken is the result of meticulous, step-by-step preparation, which we have perfected over our many years of experience. Let us provide you with top quality service and support not to mention the Tastiest Chicken in Town! Meet the Manager:
Chris S. Aloha!

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