Specialties For more than thirty years, Hawaiian King Candies has been Hawaii’s premier maker of chocolate-covered macadamia nut confections and a major producer of the highest quality macadamia nut cookies, roasted macadamia nuts, and 100% Kona coffee. Founded in 1978, Hawaiian King Candies has earned a worldwide reputation for its superb creations, especially its chocolate-covered macadamia nuts: the finest nuts harvested from the Big Island of Hawaii, and coated with rich chocolates made with our exclusive formulas. All of our products are produced or packed in our state-of-the-art facility located in Honolulu, Hawaii, conveniently located near the Honolulu International Airport. Our daily production ensures that we produce the finest quality and the freshest product. In addition to our Hawaiian King branded products available throughout the international travel retail market, we have the ability to design a customized souvenir collection for your business. History Established in 1978 Founded more than 30 years ago, Hawaiian King Candies was part of DFS Group LP, an LVMH company, as the in-house confection producers for DFS Galleria stores worldwide. In April 2010 the company was sold and under the new management, Hawaiian King branded products are still sold exclusively at DFS stores in Hawaii and Guam. Store locations in Hawaii include DFS Galleria in Waikiki and at the Honolulu International Airport. Our products are also availabe under our other labels – “Favorites of Hawaii” and “Hawaiian Delight”, which can be found in the local retail market.

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