Specialties Craving for Filipino street food such as fried fishballs on a stick, chicken & duck balut vegetable and banana lumpia? We specialize in regular and hard-to-find products from the Philippines which includes asstd. beauty soaps, hair and skin products, groceries items, snacks (chips, crackers, candies, cookies, etc), cooking ingredients (banana ketchups, spaghetti sauces, Mang Tomas sauce, soysauces, asstd. noodles, coffee, sodas, kitchen cookwares, brooms, Smart & Globe SIM cards, frozen & dried fish from Philippines, etc. We also sell the Original Ilokandia Sukang Iloko (cane vinegar) imported from Laoag City, Philippines. We have various Filipino food delicacies such as duck balut, tupig, banana lumpia, halo-halo, salted duck eggs, etc. We rent and sell various original Tagalog, Korean & English DVDs. A must try is our assorted yummy shave ice with various toppings , special halo-halo serve with ube ice cream & fruit smoothies.

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