Specialties professional blade sharpening and repair. custom knives and swords and armor. commercial knives for food service , paper cutters and reemcutters also sharpened. handle repair and or replacement. antique weapons restoration and sword sharpening. hair cutting and fabric shears serviced. , blacksmithing and metal wok as well. lectures on arms and armor..prop rental for movies and film.in business for over 20 years History Established in 1990 I started as an apprentice to Vince and Bill Evans learning the craft of blacksmithing and knife making. After that I started my own business in the same tradition. I studied at the University of Hawaii receiving a BA in history and fine arts. I also craft suits of armor from all periods and cultures. With this I give lectures on arms and armor from around the world. I also make and rent props to movies, filmmakers, and theaters. I also do custom leather work. Meet the Business Owner:
wolf G. swordmaker, father, artist, historian

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